General Manager (Accountable Manager)

General Manager: Mr. George Mavrocostas

Duties and responsibilities:


1. The Accountable Manager is responsible for ensuring that maintenance carried out by the approved organisation meets the standards of EASA Part 145, as required by the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation.

2. He is responsible for ensuring that the necessary finance, manpower, resources and facilities are available to enable the company to perform the maintenance to which it is committed for the company's own aircraft and for contracted civil air transport operators, and any additional work which may be undertaken.

3. He is responsible for ensuring that any charges are paid in connection with the approval as prescribed by the DCA.

4. He is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Company Quality & Safety Policy.

The Accountable Manager has the financial responsibility for all of the maintenance arrangements.


The General Manager performs the duties of the Accountable Manager defined in EASA 145.A.30(a)

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